MINOTAUR provides holistic, integrated, multidimensional solutions for governments, police, army, intelligence agencies, airports, seaports, and border crossings.
MINOTAUR’s core competence and expertise has been refined with years of in-the-field experience successfully integrating scores of diverse projects around the world.
MINOTAUR’s expertise of practical and effective implementation of security solutions is testament to its know-how and capabilities to tailor security solutions to customer needs – from solution definition to post-sales support.


Established by security and intelligence experts with in-the-field experience covering the gamut of security, intelligence, and technology domains; MINOTAUR is a one-stop-shop for fully integrated security solutions, products, and services – from solution definition to post-sales support.

As a global security solutions enterprise specializing in high-end technologies for Intelligence Security, Cyber, and Defense Applications; MINOTAUR provides complete, integrated, and multi-dimensional solutions for: governments, police, army, intelligence agencies, airports, seaports and border crossings.

Our multidisciplinary team maintains an up to date know-how of state-of-the-art technologies and solid experience implementing them into an efficient and effective solution optimized for the customers’ needs and constrains.

MINOTAUR has consistently proven its ability to work under tight schedules and deadlines, while delivering a completely successful turn-key solution.

In the security field, it is knowledge and experience – practical, hands-on experience; that counts. With years of successfully delivering diverse projects around the world, MINOTAUR can guarantee implementation of practical, impregnable, customized, timely, and cost-effective security solutions. 



The cyber threat has evolved from a data security risk to an existential risk to the organization and is increasingly difficult to defend against.

The severe consequential impact that transformed from annoying space invaders through denial of service to complete denial of computing and data lockup has ushered in an era where your business may be one mouse-click away from permanently closing its doors.

Minotaur provides a wide range of state-of-the-art, market-proven services and solutions to financial institutions, governments, critical infrastructure, and commercial corporation customers; to build cyber-resilience into their organizations.

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While information security risk vectors and motivations have dramatically evolved, the approach institutions use to manage them has not adapted accordingly. And now that the boundaries between physical security risks and cyber security risks have become increasingly blurred, cyber threats present severe risk to not only cyber assets but also physical assets, making them potentially more devastating than ever.

Minotaur believes the traditional information security singular dimension model — one that is control and compliance based and perimeter-oriented; is ineffective in today’s reality. What is required is a holistic approach to protect organizations from both physical and cyber security perspectives.

Minotaur’s multidisciplinary team of cyber experts provide comprehensive technological solutions, services, and advice to governments, financial institutions, critical infrastructure, and commercial corporation customers to build efficiency and resilience into their cyber defenses.




  • Automated Enterprise Security Risk Management
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Secure File Gateway
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Information Security Operations Center (“SOC”)
  • Remote Access Authentication-Multi Factor
  • Content Filtering
  • Data Loss/Leak Prevention Solutions (DLP)
  • Audit Management System
  • SCADA protection System


  • Security Risk Management
  • Cybersecurity Policy & Operational Procedure Development
  • Compliance Assessment & Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing Framework
  • Accreditation Support
  • ICT Security Engineering & Architecture Design
  • Human Performance


Minotaur brings together intelligence analysis experience, special operations skills, and high-end technology knowledge to provide effective solutions to intelligence organizations.

Minotaur’s intelligence technologies solution’s portfolio consists of field proven, fully operational, and customization products geared toward satisfying the customer’s operational needs.

Asymmetric, unorthodox national security challenges are a present-day reality that will only become more difficult to contend with over time.

The spectrum of threats has evolved from traditional wars and conflicts between nations to internal and cross-border terror, organized crime, political subversion, illegal immigration, smuggling and more.

Insurgent and terrorist groups are increasingly utilizing mobile communications, the Internet and social media to communicate, distribute propaganda, recruit individuals, and accomplish operational tasks on short notice.

History has proven that the force that learns more quickly maintains initiative and keeps their adversary off balance.

The new era of national security necessitates a rapid and agile actionable targeted intelligence and accurate situational awareness to enable a timely and effective response to thwart threats before they materialize. However, the proliferation of advanced intelligence technologies has the ability to become a double-edged sword.

The vast amounts of collected data, combined with their resulting organizational issues, impede the timely and accurate formation of a targeted situational picture to enable interception operations.

Minotaur consolidates intelligence analysis experience, special operations skills, and high-end technology knowledge, to provide effective solutions to intelligence organizations.

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Minotaur’s intelligence solutions improve the collection and processing workflow that supports decision making and operational activities based on up-to-date, near real-time integrative and actionable information.

Minotaur provides intensive training and ongoing operational and technical support to accentuate the capabilities of the human element in intelligence warfare. This acts as an effective power multiplier in the race to learn about and adapt to the future.



Communication Intelligence

  • GSM Monitoring
  • Roaming Interception
  • Geo Intelligence
  • Tactical Devices
  • Jamming Systems
  • Satellite Interception


  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Denial Of Service (DDOS)
  • GSM Trojans
  • PC & Server Trojans
  • Operation Training

Imagery Intelligence

  • Satellite Imaging
  • Long Range CCTV
  • UAV’s & Drones
  • Covert Cameras


Minotaor’s specialized defense technologies and equipment arc is directed toward providing Special Operations (SO) and Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) Forces with the most suitable and advanced solutions to achieve strategic and tactical superiority.

The mission of Minotaor’s Defense Division is to facilitate SO and LIC Forces with access and understanding of specialized technology and equipment and its implementation and assimilation into their operational formation.

Minotaor provides unique, client-specific technological solutions ranging from integrated intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions providing real-time data on the front line; to tactical – offensive capabilities for precise targeting and effective neutralization of threats with maximal protection for the Forces.

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The transition from traditional wars and conflicts between nations to internal and cross-border terror, organized crime, political subversion, illegal immigration, smuggling and the like has led to the perception of the “Postmodern Military”.

Nevertheless, technology has become more critical than ever, shaping the modern battlespace in urban and complex terrain that offers clear advantage to the irregular side.

The ongoing global war of attrition between regular armies and terrorist and guerrilla groups highlights the growing need for technologies that can assist the regular military to prevail in the asymmetric battle dimension.

Minotaor consolidates intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, special operations skills, command and control, and a thorough technological knowledge, to provide effective customized solutions for Special Operations (SO) and Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) Forces.




  • Tactical Communication
  • Surveillance & Reconnaissance
  • Tactical Simulation Systems
  • Unmanned Aerial, Ground & Maritime Vehicle
  • Personal Gear
  • Armored Vehicles


  • Parachuting
  • VIP Protection
  • Special Forces
  • Response Teams
  • K9 Units


Minotaor’s highly qualified and experienced team of experts maintain the relevant multidisciplinary know-how and skills required to provide comprehensive security solutions, products, services, and advice on high-risk installations for critical energy, power, gas & oil and transportation infrastructure; airlines, airports, and sea ports.

Minotaor provides full lifecycle support to its customers. From security policies and procedure development through design and planning; supply installation and operation to training, commission, and audit; Minotaor is a one-stop security solution shop.

Minotaor maintains comprehensive security know-how and experience ranging from international, regional and national regulations; through threat assessment and risk analyses; planning design, development, and implementation of high-end security and detection technologies; to hands-on operation and training.

Based in Israel, the Minotaor team develops and supplies integrated customized solutions that enable rapid deployment of demanding security and operations based on products and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers combined with Integrated Security Management C4 Systems.

With numerous successful projects for high end customers globally; including regulators, government ministries, army, police, prison authorities, airports, border crossings, (TSA, FAA, Israel DoD, Israel MOT, Israel Police, EL AL, Ben-Gurion Airport) and others, Minotaor can guarantee the most effective and efficient security solution, services, and products.




  • Border & Perimeter Protection / Intrusion Detection
    • Stereoscopic 3D Long-Range Intrusion Detection Camera
    • CCTV & Analytics
    • Long & Short Range Radar
    • Acoustic, Piezo & Fiber-Optic Sensors
    • Command & Control
  • Weapons & Explosive Detection
    • Advanced X-Ray Screening For Vehicles, Cargo & Luggage
    • Explosives And Contraband Detection IED Search & Response
    • Mobile & Relocatable Checkpoints K9 Units
  • High-Risk Installations & Infrastructure
    • Access Control
    • High-Security Gates and Barriers
    • Explosive Blast Mitigation
    • Physical Hardening
    • Integrated Security Management Systems (ISMS)
    • Surveillance


  • Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis
  • Security Design
  • Develop Policies Procedures & Protocols Training
  • Blast Mitigation & Hardening Design
  • Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis


  • Security Awareness Training For Employees
  • Security Awareness Training For Management
  • Security Awareness Training For 3rd Party (Suppliers, Contractors & Etc.)
  • X-Ray Operators Training & Qualification
  • K9 Training